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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-30Reducing sources of variance in experimental procedures in in vitro researchFischer, Igor; Martinez Dominguez, Maria Victoria; Hänggi, Daniel; Kahlert, Ulf Dietrich
2023-09Regulation of STING activity in DNA sensing by ISG15 modificationGertzen, Christoph; Kaiser, Jesko; Münk, Carsten; Gohlke, Holger
2018-06-05Research Data Management – BasicsSchleußinger, Maurice
2018-11-28Research Data Management – Open ScienceSchleußinger, Maurice
2019An <s> is an <s’>, or is it? Plural and genitive-plural are not homophonousIngo Plag, Arne Lohmann, Sonia Ben Hedia, & Julia Zimmermann
2020Sequence alignments of alpha and beta spectrinWäschenbach, Lucas; Gohlke, Holger
2021-07-12Simulation data for "Substrate access mechanism in a novel membrane-bound phospholipase A of Pseudomonas aeruginosa concordant with specificity and regioselectivity"Ahmad, Sabahuddin; Strunk, Christoph; Schott-Verdugo, Stephan; Jaeger, Karl-Erich; Kovacic, Filip; Gohlke, Holger
2020-11-02A spectrum of verticality across genesNagies, Falk S. P.; Brueckner, Julia; Tria, Fernando T. K.; Martin, Willam F.
2022Structural and mechanistic insights into bacterial phospholipase A involved in membrane phospholipid degradation and virulenceStephan, Schott-Verdugo; Holger, Gohlke; Renu, Batra-Safferling; Karl-Erich, Jaeger; Filip, Kovacic
2021-03-18Structural models of SFV Bet protein as SI for "Foamy Viruses, Bet, and APOBEC3 Restriction"Vasudevan, Ananda; Becker, Daniel; Luedde, Tom; Gohlke, Holger; Muenk, Carsten
2023-01-10Supplementary file 1: A simple Illumina mRNA-Seq data pre-processing and analysis pipeline for well-annotated plantsMai, Hans-Jörg
2023-01Supporting Information for "Enzyme adaptation to habitat thermal legacy shapes the thermal plasticity of marine microbiomes"Nutschel, Christina; Pfleger, Christopher; Dittrich, Jonas; Gohlke, Holger
2021-07-13Supporting Information for "F/G-Region Rigidity is Inversely Correlated to Substrate Promiscuity of Human CYP Isoforms Involved in Metabolism"Becker, Daniel; Bharatam, Prasad; Gohlke, Holger
2023-01Supporting Information for "Loading and Co-Solvent-Triggered Release of Okanin, a C4 Plant Key Enzyme Inhibitor, into/from Functional Microgels"Dittrich, Jonas; Gohlke, Holger
2021-03-17Supporting Information for "Molecular modeling and simulations of DNA and RNA: DNAzyme as a model system"Gertzen, Christoph; Gohlke, Holger
2018-10-03Table S1: Measured density of the solution of anisole in ethyl acetate versus the weight fraction between 0 and 0.013 of the solute between 258K and 348K. The densities are given as kg/m^-3.Lindic, Mirko Matthias
2018-10-03Table S2: Absorption spectra (in wavenumber) of anisole in ethyl acetate between 258K and 348K in steps of 5K. These data are available as Table S2.doc and Table S2.csv. The raw data (in nm) are available as Table 2.datLindic, Mirko Matthias
2018-10-03Table S3: Emission spectra (in wavenumber) of anisole in ethyl acetate between 258K and 348K in steps of 5K. These data are available as Table S3.doc and Table S3.csv. The raw data (in nm) are available as Table 3.datLindic, Mirko Matthias
2018-10-03Table S4: Linearized laser induced fluroescence Stark spectrum of anisole at an electric field strength of 819:09Vcm􀀀1. The first column gives the relative frequeny in 1MHz increment, the second column the relative intensities.Schneider, Michael; Hebestreit, Marie-Luise
2021TopDomain datasetMulnaes, Daniel; Golchin, Pegah; Koenig, Filip; Gohlke, Holger