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The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Community home page

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF) employs more than 800 Scientists in seven departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Physics and Psychology. Among the wide-ranging research areas covered by the faculty, several cooperative programmes put specific emphasis on Life Sciences and Physics.


Sub-communities within this community

Experimental Soft Matter Group

We are interested in the physics of soft condensed matter, in particular in the non-equilibrium behaviour of these systems.


Institute of Botany

We are studying the uptake of iron into the root, as well as the storage and distribution of this micronutrient in the plant. Our goal is to understand the regulation of iron uptake and homeostasis, iron signaling, the interaction of protein and gene networks to coordinate the processes also to adapt to environmental aspects.

Institute of Molecular Evolution

Our main scientific interests are endosymbiosis, early evolution, the origin of life, cell evolution, genome evolution and compartmentalized energy metabolism with emphasis on chloroplasts, mitochondria, and hydrogenosomes.

Working Group High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

We are mainly concerned with structures of molecules in their electronically excited states. These are determined experimentally from rotationally resolved electronic spectra and/or Franck-Condon fits of fluorescence emission spectra.

Collections in this community

Computational Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Molecular Informatics Group

Our research focusses on understanding, predicting, and modulating biomolecular interactions from an atomistic perspective.